- Red with a black mask

- Small white patch on her chest

- Very short cropped ears

- Docked tail

- 110lbs

- Microchipped

- Spayed


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is that a Juno paw print?

Fresh from this AM.  Just need Juno..... keep searching teams! 

News Coverage!! Hope this gets more people looking

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SIGHTING!!!! Dogwod and Oleander*******

THANK YOU Jen from Pirate's Den Cane Corso.......  Jen got the lead this AM.

There is a dirt road off of Dogwood and some tracks were seen there.  These tracks are JUNO'S!!!  The home owners stated that they saw Juno hanging around their home at 5:30AM today.  Guess where a search party will be early tomorrow AM?!


Location update

Juno's mom reports the following:

We think that she's in the area south of Oleander drive between Oleander and Greenville Loop Road. We passed out flyers in the neighborhoods around there over the last two days. 

Please help us search this area!

The Search continues..... with the help of Cane Corso Tinkerbelle

The search parties continue to look for Juno.  Tinkerbelle, Juno's foster sister has been accompanying the search parties in hopes that Juno will come out for her sister.  The vet clinic staff and Juno's family have also been passing out flyers.

NEWS COVERAGE... we NEED news coverage.  Does anyone have any ideas/ contacts to help us get this story on the news?

JUNO.... WE WILL FIND YOU!!!  Praying and searching.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Location Lost

Below is a map of where Juno was lost from.   Please help us look for her.  There are wooded areas, which we suspect she might be hiding in.  If you see her, DO NOT CHASE HER!!!  Please call or text immediately, 814-68-CORSO, or email or POST here!! 

Please help us look for Juno if you are in the area of Wrightsville Ave, or Pine Grove Dr., near the 5000 block of Oleander Dr.

View Lost Juno in a larger map


Please help us bring Juno back to her parents, safe and sound.  Juno *NEEDS medical care*  Juno was taken to Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital located at 5333 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 Sunday (7/17/2011) around midnight.  She slipped out of her collar and escaped out the back door in the hospital (that was left open :-( ).  PLEASE help us bring her home safely.